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My Current Workout Playlist

Hey my loves,

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked from my clients, friends and family is: what keeps me motivated in the gym? For those of you that don’t know I’m a Personal Trainer and yes I do love working out, it makes me feel amazing and is the reason I chose a career in the fitness industry but in all honesty I’m still human and I lack the motivation and energy to get my ass moving sometimes. So no I’m not always motivated, yes I am super lazy at times and I put off working out for as long as possible somedays.

Sometimes I have to sit down and have a little pep talk to myself, but the one thing that always gives me a little bit of a push to get it over and done with is MUSIC. Music is key for me. No music/bad music = no hype or a half ass performance in my workouts. My biggest tip is to have something like music that gets you happy and out of that “I can't be bothered” mood.


SOOOOO...... I decided I would share the workout playlists I’ve created to bring some motivation to any of you that might be struggling when it comes to moving your bodies. Most of the music I listen to is Rap or Hip hop, so if thats what you like definitely check my either my Lifting Playlist or HIIT Playlist on Spotify and give it a follow so you can listen anytime, anywhere. 

Also please message or email me any recommendation for songs you love to train to! I love having new music to add to my playlists ♡


T xx

15 minute HIIT workout