About Me


Hey beautiful people,

I’m still kind of new to the whole blogging thing, i've just recently switched websites so this is a fresh start for me and my blog! But anyway thanks for visiting my blog, if you like what you see please subscribe so you get kept in the loop for when I post!

I’m Natasha (everyone calls me Tash though), a 19 year old Personal Trainer from New Zealand with a passion for all things health, wellness and fitness. I love expressing myself through being creative with food, photography and helping people reach their goals.

I love to travel, to explore new places, find amazing vegan cafes and create new recipes which I would love to share with you all. I’m also really passionate about creating content for my instagram, expressing my thoughts and always growing as a person.


I’m all about growing as a person, seeking answers to my deepest thoughts and questions in life and working hard to make my dreams and goals a reality, I’ll be sharing these moments with you all as much as possible so I can hopefully inspire and motivate you to push to make your own dreams come true too.

This is why I decided to start blogging as I have always felt like it was my purpose in life to help people in whatever way possible.

I hope that you love my content as much as I love creating it for you all, please feel free to contact me on instagram or email me: natasha.lexis1@gmail.com if you have any questions or feedback ❤️

Much love,

Tash xx